BBQ Community & Ambassadors

Sherwood wholesale foods believe that to be able to provide the best quality product and ensure you meet customer expectations you need to understand your customer and how they use our products, that’s why Sherwood’s wholesale foods are proud to partner and sponsor some of the leaders in the BBQ industry.

This also helps us develop our product and ranges further to ensure we are market leaders.

Jackie Weight
Jackie has over 30 years experience of BBQ, ...

producing everything from simple cooks, to low n slow American style smokey BBQ, gourmet cooking and baking on the BBQ. She also has commercial experience in curing and cold smoking everything from bacon to salmon, as well as making fabulous sausages and burgers..  Jackie has competed in BBQ competitions around the USA, culminating in winning the Jack Daniels World BBQ Championships, considered to be the Superbowl of Barbecue. Thus far, she is still the only non-American and only woman to ever win the prestigious Grand Champion title.

Jackie also runs a successful Restaurant Consultancy business, working with restaurants and outside caterers to produce world class BBQ; she now feels it´s time to pass on her knowledge to the public via her BBQ School.

Artust @ArtustBBQ
From the early days of sausages, ...

burgers and pork chops from his fathers barbecues in the back garden the passion to travel the world and eat and cook barbecue food was lit.  It wasn’t until a further down the road after a few trips to America that the flame of barbecue passion really started to burn for Artust.  The meaty pork ribs glazed in sauce and the juicy shreds of pulled pork at various eateries across Florida led him to try and re-create this dishes back here on British soil.  After a few successful attempts at smoking meat in various guises, Artust sought to expand his skill set and found himself surrounded by the helpful folk in the ever growing UK barbecue scene.  Since then he has competed in barbecue competitions both in the UK as part of Team Dr Evil BBQ, but also further afield at some of the most prestigious BBQ events in the world including the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational and the American Royal open competitions in 2016.  Armed with these experiences under his belt he aims to help other people back home get into barbecue in any form by sharing his passion across his social media platforms on both Twitter and Instagram as @ArtustBBQ

Chris Arnold
I have 30 years of BBQ experience, ...
with the last 5 years competing around the UK,  everything from old school UK bangers and burgers to the Christmas Turkey and onto US style ribs, pulled pork, brisket and beyond.  I love to BBQ as a hobby, and the wife calls it my mid-life crisis.  The enjoyment of seeing people enjoy food you have prepared and cooked is immense – especially when it’s something they haven’t tried before.  I have been working with Sherwood’s since 2016 when I first saw how meaty their ribs are!