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3.2kg Flat Iron Steaks, Multi-Pack

Approx 900 grams each, these are cut from the shoulder & have the inner gristle removed, so they can be sliced at desired thickness. An American cut that is growing in popularity, quick & easy to use. 4 Per Pack

Beef Brisket Burn’t Ends

Min 1.8 kg, this is the top of the brisket that has the best fat cover, they are all single packed fresh from production. These can be sliced or can be turned into Burn’t Ends, just like little bites of beef candy. Pack size 1 piece

Beef Brisket Full

These are the full packer brisket that have been prepared for minimal trimmings for those that like a longer, larger cook. They are from Irish grass fed cattle, that have a good fat content, they give fantastic results. Pack size 1 piece

Beef Jacobs Ladders x 6 Bone

Min 2.2 kg, these are taken from the forequarter, 6 bones with a single layer of meat for a more even cook. Produced from Irish grass fed cattle, which are full of flavour that will fall apart after slow cooking. Pack size 1 piece

Best Lean Beef Mince 400g

400 grams, tray packed very lean prime mince from only good quality cuts. This makes a superb lasagne or spaghetti bolognaise, a rich beefy flavour, with great texture for the family. Pack size 400 grams

Boneless Loin

Approx 1.8 kg, a section of the succulent loin, boneless & rindless. Roast in the oven or slice for steaks on the BBQ or grill. Gives you lean steaks with a single layer of fat around the outside for flavour. Pack size 1 piece.

Brisket Burgers

These are 200 grams, made from prime grass fed brisket & flank using a simple recipe, to give the best flavour. These are moist when well done & not dripping when medium. A quick, tasty solution to a family meal, that the kids (young or old) will enjoy. Pack size 1 piece x 2 sep vac packed

Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken Drumsticks

Approx 130 grams, grade A chicken Drumsticks ideal fried or BBQ with one of our recommended rubs or sauces.

Pack size 6 pieces (1kg)

Chicken Fillet

Chicken Fillets

Approx 350 grams, these fillets are trimmed & moist. They are taken from grade A chicken, & will be very tender. Ideal size to use for stuffing.

Pack size 3 pieces (1kg)

Chicken Legs

Sherwood Foods – Chicken Legs 350g ( vac pac x3 )

Chicken Wings

Approx 110 grams, these are cut from grade A birds, for guaranteed quality & tenderness. Calibrated & packed for your convenience for BBQ or in the oven.

Pack size 8 pieces (1kg)

Country Collar Pork Chops

Min 250 grams, these are sliced from the collars but on the bone, they are 25mm thick so can be cooked in several ways. Full of flavour with just enough fat to keep them moist, so they melt in your mouth. Pack size 3 pieces

Cowboy Steak 1kg, 1 Per Pack

Approx 1 kg, these are for slicing & sharing, a thick cut American style piece of beef, that will satisfy even the most hungry of people. Packed & sealed to keep the moisture locked in, so it will melt in your mouth. Pack size 1 piece

Fillet Steak 200g, 1 Per Pack

Approx 200 grams, cut from the most tender part of beef. Whether cooked low & slow or hot & fast, great results every time. Freshly sealed at source, to lock in all the juicy goodness & flavours. Pack size 1 piece

Flank Steak [Flanchet] 700g, 1 Per Pack

Approx 700g, cut from the flank of prime Irish grass fed cattle. All fat & gristle removed, ideal for slicing thinly after a nice rub has been used. Lean & not fattening, a great protein fix. Pack size 1 piece