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Chicken Drumsticks

Approx 130 grams, grade A chicken Drumsticks ideal fried or BBQ with one of our recommended rubs or sauces.

Pack size 6 pieces (1kg)

Chicken Fillet

Chicken Fillets

Approx 350 grams, these fillets are trimmed & moist. They are taken from grade A chicken, & will be very tender. Ideal size to use for stuffing.

Pack size 3 pieces (1kg)

Chicken Legs

Sherwood Foods – Chicken Legs 350g ( vac pac x3 )

Chicken Wings

Approx 110 grams, these are cut from grade A birds, for guaranteed quality & tenderness. Calibrated & packed for your convenience for BBQ or in the oven.

Pack size 8 pieces (1kg)

Chicken HalveChicken Halve

Half Chicken

Approx 600 grams, full sides of chicken, that are ideal to rub & BBQ or to marinade & roast. Grade A quality, guaranteed flavour, packed for your convenience.

Pack size 2 pieces (1.2kg)

Chicken ThighsChicken Thighs

Oyster Cut Chicken Thighs

Approx 140 grams, these are cut & prepared with only one bone left in to help with the flavour. The quality is first class, to give great meals for family & friends.

Pack size 6 pieces (1kg)