In a retro modern age, we at Sherwood are mindful of what people are looking for and what makes for a great product/brand.

For our branded beef products we only use cattle from locally sourced herds here in Ireland, the factory has been in partnership with 

the farmers for many years, this means that we can produce the right product from select beef. This will give the right yields for commercial clients, but also the right flavour & fat content for the private or competition cooks**. Hereford, Dexter and Angus can be found roaming freely in lush fields, giving a more natural, less stressed animal.

For our branded pork products we only use one breed of pig found in Belgium (Pietrain), this is perfectly suited for commercial and private / home cooks. The pigs give an excellent meat to fat ratio, and consistent size, which affords our larger commercial clients to produce some of the best BBQ outside of America and makes competition/home cooks easier.

For our branded chicken products we only use one factory, that again, sources from only local slaughterhouses in Holland (close to our Dutch distributors), they have high standards in quality, preparation of cuts, packing and shipping.

We at Sherwood are proud of our brand and aim to keep the sourcing of our products as local to our partner ( BRC approved ) factories as possible to give a consistent quality and flavour. This is what our clients have come to expect, and as someone once said “ A brand is a promise“, we look forward to supplying you in the near future.