Wholesale Meat Supplier for Butchers Manufacturers and Retailers:

The quality of our wholesale meat cuts:

As a wholesale meat supplier we are very aware of quality issues in the meat industry, especially as food in general is becoming more expensive & people expect more value & better quality for their money. Businesses are now looking at Sherwood Foods because we have the resources to supply them their meat cuts without the worries of selling on poor quality products to their customers.

All our meat cuts are made from the best animals available on a large commercial scale. The way we cut our meats can only be achieved from using the best livestock with the correct amount of fat marbling & cover. A product like our Grass-Fed Packer Briskets have to be cut from the right beef to ensure they are not dry when cooked. Our Meaty Loin Ribs of Pork are made from the Pie Train Pig to ensure enough meat to fat ratio for better flavour. These are just 2 examples.

It is important that Butchers preparing our primal meat cuts for their displays, manufacturers making their ready meals from ready to use cuts, or food shops, mini marts &  supermarkets selling our retail meat packs, all of your customers love your service & want your meat!

As all production facilities are all BRC & IFS approved standards, we only ship product in vacuum sealed bags that are in sealed cases on pallets, with full farm to fork traceability. Having this certification behind our products makes them safe & suitable for any wholesale meat customer; butchers manufacturers, retailers, hospitals, schools, event catering, high end restaurants etc.

How much meat do I need to buy:

Butchers manufacturers and retailers have a different requirement than hotels, restaurants etc when buying wholesale meat, we can accommodate your weekly or monthly needs to whatever scale is needed.We have the ability to deliver smaller amounts from stock & larger amounts direct from production on pallets. If you are a sausage manufacturer you may want smaller amounts of pork than beef, we can accommodate this by placing mixed products on pallets or when doing smaller local deliveries with only a few boxes.

If you are a supermarket & are looking to stock our products in retail packs, we can supply you with pre packed meats from stock. We can mix up pork, chicken & beef currently, with other items including lamb, veal, turkey, game etc coming soon. This enables you to order by the box allowing you to fine tune you meat purchasing & manage your cash flow more efficiently. You can change your ordering as your customer requirements change.

How your Wholesale Meat Cuts for manufacturing butchers & retailers are delivered:

In our partner meat production plants that make all our wholesale meat cuts & do all our retail meat packs for our online business, everything is scalable. Sherwood Foods has a good range of meat cuts that are all prepacked & has the ability to produce cuts like wholesale 4D shoulder of pork for sausage manufacture, sirloin of beef for portion control. Delivering across the UK & Europe is done via the cool chain network, all boxes are frozen at -18°C from stock, the fresh deliveries direct from production are either fresh at under 3°C or frozen.
Keeping your product in the best condition possible when delivered to your business. Chilled & frozen transport 

Wholesale Meat delivery, areas covered: UK

We have our main UK storage in Sussex close to Gatwick Airport, this allows us to cover locally the whole of the South East of England as a next day service using smaller vans. We can cover the rest of the UK using national hauliers like Nagel Langdons on a 3-day service, these orders are shipped on pallets. All shipping rates are calculated on region & amount ordered. We will combine other deliveries together as part of an area to offer better rates, thus saving you money.

Wholesale Meat delivery, areas covered: Europe

As we make most of our products in European countries, we can offer our products easier across the water in Europe. We currently ship mixed products in larger volumes on pallets across Europe using the cold chain network of hauliers. We aim to be able to offer a next day service to restaurants & caterers in Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg & Western Germany over the early months of 2021.

Sherwood Foods becoming “your local butcher near me”, or “your local meat wholesaler” with our extensive range of specialist produced meat cuts, gives your business an advantage over your competition.
This is ideal for those manufacturers butchers & retailers that wish to buy wholesale our Jacobs ladders, delicious sausages, Irish Grass-Fed Steaks, chicken wings, Meaty Baby Back Ribs of pork, or meat products that are custom made.

Helping to keep you on-track over the coming years, working with you to help your business succeed for years to come. 

Contact us for more details & to discuss your wholesale meat needs for 2021

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