Sherwood Facebook Group
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What is our Sherwood Facebook Group about?

Social Media is a great way of staying up to date on what’s happening in the world with all your favourite interests, hobbies & news. Having had our Social Media accounts on Twitter, Instagram & a Facebook Page for some time now, we have found that more of our online customers are sharing their love of cooking & grilling our meats.

As our “Online Family” is growing we have created “Sherwood Home Cooking & Barbecue” group on Facebook where you can safely post your videos, recipes, photos, ideas, tips & tricks for your cooks.

We enjoy seeing the results of Home Cooking & Barbecuing of our meat cuts, there are some amazing dishes & recipes that are first class restaurant quality from our online family.

Why have we created Sherwood Home Cooking & Barbecue Facebook Group?

This group has been created exclusively for Sherwood Foods Customers to enjoy & learn from each other, posting offers & discounts that only group members can enjoy. The added benefit for our online family is we are able to see what is trending & to ask what our customers want to see added to our meat menu.

Have fun with your Home Cooking & Barbecue, sharing your knowledge, whilst learning from others cooking or grilling expertise, & getting more meat for your money on our Sherwood Facebook Group.

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