more meat for your money

What is more meat for your money?

More Meat for Your Money is:    #moremeatfym

  • Quality meat cuts & generous portions at a great price
  • Less waste & ready to cook meat cuts that need less trimming
  • Better price per kilo as products are made at source
  • Lower production costs when cutting larger numbers
  • No hidden charges included in the price of the meat

What does More Meat for Your Money usually mean?

At Sherwood Foods we believe that people should have access to good quality meat at a fair price. When people think about more meat for your money, they automatically think that you get a cheaper price for larger volumes of meat. Indeed, this is how most cash & carry’s, supermarkets & many wholesale meat suppliers operate with deals on the more you buy the cheaper it gets, they do this by buying cheaper product.

What More Meat for your money means at Sherwood Foods.

More meat for your money at Sherwood foods is about offering quality over quantity at a great price. When shopping online for meat you want a generous weight of meat with out sacrificing the quality or having too much waste to throw away. To save you money & give better value to our meat cuts; we make sure that there is less fat & gristle to trim off, no added water to our chicken to give a better finished cooked weight, our Dry Cured Bacon has very little water in the thick slices & you are not paying for water.

Why is it more important than ever to get more meat for your money now?

Buying meat cuts online, in a supermarket, butchers etc is getting more expensive because of the rising costs of a finished product. This is because of increased transport costs, extra customs paperwork, cost of production, farming costs increasing to rear the animals, courier costs to deliver the home meat deliveries, packaging to ship meat in. All the extra costs involved from farm to fork are set to rise by 20-30% in 2021 & it will make a big difference to your weekly shopping bills.

Grass Fed Beef
more meat for your money

Some typical examples of our meat cuts giving you more meat for your money, & the reasons why:

  • Tomahawk Steaks: 1 kilo for £24.99 we have seen them as much as £36.00 for similar weights, making ours a great price per kilo.
  • Beef Mince:  850-grams for £7.95 pure ground chuck steak 98% lean, little fat loss with natural flavour. Enjoy the flavour of the added ingredients rather than too much fat in the meat.
  • Beef Packer Brisket: 5-7 kilos £52.75 trimmed with minimal waste ready to cook. Many places offer incorrectly cut Brisket at expensive prices. You still need too trim them & this is a further cost to you.
  • Meaty Baby Back Pork Ribs:5-3.5 kilos £25.95 for 2 racks of Super Meaty Pork Ribs. These have more meat on them than any others you can buy in the UK, online or butchers.
  • Boston Butts: 5-6.5 kilos for £32.95 ready to cook & trimmed up for finest quality pork. Many offer smaller pieces at twice the price per kilo.
  • St Louis Ribs:2-2.5 kilos for £18.45 full rack of thick meaty belly ribs trimmed & ready for the grill. No shaved ribs that most places offer
  • Natural Chicken Fillets: 350g x 3 for £4.95 over a kilo of boneless skinless lean breast meat with no added water. This gives you less shrinkage when cooking with better flavour, many people offer cheaper chicken fillets (170g) that shrink during cooking & become dry.
  • Chicken Wings: 110g+ (1 kilo bags) for £3.45p. These generously meaty chicken wings are calibrated to give a more even portion across the whole bag of wings. There are many cheap chicken wings bought from factories that add water & pick random sizes to go into the bags.

How we can offer More Meat for your money?

At Sherwood Foods we start with the selection process first, the meat has to be the right quality to be able to eat right at home every time. All our meat cuts we produce are selected & cut to a specification giving better results for cooking at home or in restaurants. When our butchers are cutting meat in larger numbers, it makes it easier to produce a more consistent product.

The selection process is not about price, it is about quality & being able to produce quality in larger numbers, because higher output has its benefits; with supply, energy, time & availability. As we all know, producing products in larger volumes has the advantage of economies of scale, & this is something we offer directly to our customers!

In order to offer economies of scale,  you need a large selection of meat to choose from;

20,000 pigs per week to be able to make our Meaty Baby Back Pork Ribs in large batches of 2000.
A choice of 15,000 cattle per week to make our Jacobs Ladders 500 pieces per batch.
400,000 chickens per week to make 2,000 Chicken Lollipops per batch.

Just a few examples of meat cuts we offer & how much choice we have available.

We produce all our meat cuts at the very source of where meat comes from; the abattoir or slaughterhouse. By producing our products at source, we give you more meat for your money because we are cutting out the middleman with a massive selection of meat to choose from. We are able to offer a competitive price per kilo for our meat, wholesale & retail online because we produce at source in large BRC / IFS approved production facilities.

Sausages in volume
Beef Brisket Burgers

No hidden costs added to the price of your meat.

When we speak about hidden costs included in the price of meat, we are referring to the packaging & delivery charges. We don’t include ours in the price of your meat, we keep our packaging & delivery charges separate because as a customer you want to know exactly what you are being charged for. Many places that sell meat online offer “Free Delivery” when you spend over a certain amount, they are able to do this because you have already paid for it in the price of the meat.

We enjoy creating your favourite meat cuts & offering many of them as ready to cook pieces from finest quality meat. As shopping online for meat is starting to really become popular, we are increasing our menu & always looking to improve our service & packaging so we can bring you delicious savings. We are trying to stabilise our meat prices with seasonal buying & making larger batches, this will also help compensate for price fluctuations.

Offering better value for money with our meat products with no hidden charges so everyone can have access to good quality meats at a fair price is why we created the Sherwood Brand. Enjoy cooking your meat cuts in your next home delivery order, please remember to recycle responsibly at home  ♻

Our brand is a Promise More Meat for your money


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