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We offer a meat box fit for every occasion.

Whether you want to feed the family for a regular shop, stock the freezer, prepare for an epic BBQ or simply experience the exceptional meat that makes Sherwood different. Each one carefully created to offer the very best of what we do, at a discounted price. With next day delivery, you can order today and enjoy tomorrow!

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St Patrick’s Day Celebration Meat Box 5 kg

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Bonfire Night Meat Box, Great Steaks, Delicious Brisket Burgers & Tasty Chicken 14 Packs 8 Kilo

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Online Christmas Meat Box Turkey 4 Kg, Unsmoked Gammon, Dry Cured Bacon Plus More Delicious Meats 9 Kg

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Essential Christmas Meat Box For Luxury 5 Kg Turkey Breast, Smoked Gammon, Dry Cured Bacon & Sausages 10 Kg


Christmas Beef Box, Enjoy 3 Bone Easy Carve Rib Roast, Delicious Gammon, Dry Cure Bacon, Sausage Meat, 9.5 Kilos*


Christmas Beef Box, Enjoy 2 Bone Easy Carve Rib Roast, Delicious Gammon, Dry Cure Bacon, Sausage Meat, 7 Kilos


Christmas Beef Box, Enjoy 5 Bone Easy Carve Rib Roast, Delicious Gammon, Dry Cure Bacon, Sausage Meat, 13 Kg*


Sherwood Party Meat Box Brings Smiles To All Your Guests, When Tasting Amazing Ribs, Steaks & Brisket Burgers 12 Kg


Sherwood Introduction Meat Box Brings Your Meat Recipes To Life 7 Kg


Healthy Chicken Meat Box, 48 Delicious Nutritional Pieces Of Quality Chicken For Easy Home Cooking 9 Kg 🐓


Delicious Meat Box For Kids Full Of Nutritional & Ready To Cook Delicious Meats 60 Pieces 7 Kg


Expert BBQ Meat Box, Master Your Meat Smoking Passion At Home With 20 kg Of Premium Barbecue Meat Cuts 🔥


Luxury Steak Box Filled With 9 Delicious Grass Fed Beef & Succulent Pork Steaks, Made For The Grill 4 Kilos 🐂

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Who Loves Grilling Meat At Home? Enjoy 28 Selected Delicious Pieces For The Barbecue Or Grill 5 Kg*

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Quality Family Meat Box Full Of Succulent, Nutritional Delicious Meat Cuts Ready Prepared & Easy To Cook 7.5 Kg*


Awesome Meat On The Bone Box Filled With 8 Kilos Of Juicy Choice Meat Cuts To Enjoy Cooking On The Bone 🦴

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Essential Meat Box Full Of Delicious Great Value Meat Cuts To Make All Your Favourite Home Cooked Recipes For 4-5 Weeks


Enjoy Scary Halloween Food, Great Value Halloween Meat Box 16 Packs 42 Portions 🦇


Sherwood Protein Meat Box, More Quality Meat For Your Money To Create Delicious Healthy Meals 9 Kilos 💪

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Delicious Mothers Day Meat Gift Box 5 kg*


Happy Father’s Day Meat Box, Big Tasty Steaks, Juicy Bangers & Natural Chicken, Make Dad Smile With 6 Kilos Of His Favourite Meats 🕺