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Sourcing our products from local farms

The Provenance of our meat is important to us at Sherwood because the food you put on your plate has to be from a good reliable source with a standard of quality that has excellent flavour.

Having been to many farms over the years we have watched the progression of good husbandry skills, the quality of feed for the animals & the selection processes. The modern-day farms are very different in many ways with their old practices & machinery, they are more efficient & more Eco-friendly.

We have selected the meats that we use from different countries because we need the best herd selection for consistency of the carcasses & we also need the volume to be able to keep up with demand. We not only supply our cuts online, but we have been meat wholesalers for many years.

Here in Ireland, we enjoy having rich green pastures as a natural landscape, this is perfect to rear the good beef & dairy cattle on. Hereford, Dexter and Angus can be found grazing on the open pastures gives a great flavour to our beef & produces the rich deep red colour you would expect from under 30-month cattle. Once ready for slaughter, we have world-class BRCGS Approved factories that process beef much more humanely than years ago, the cattle are calm & produce top-grade beef.

The Pork we choose to make our select cuts is from Belgium because of the excellent meat to fat ratio & the flavour of the breed. The size of the pigs is perfect to produce items like our Meaty Baby Back Ribs or St Louis Style Ribs for our growing BBQ client base because we need the volumes along with the consistency. These are naturally low in cholesterol & produce a light-coloured meat that gives great results every time. The name of the breed we use is called “Pietrain” which takes its name from a small village in the Southern region of Belgium.

As with the modern-day practises of euthanasia of the pigs, they have a heated floor & are kept in small groups to ensure they are given the best humane conditions before processing.

The chicken we select for our products comes only from local farms in the Northern area of The Netherlands which are close to the production factory. The chickens are battery reared as most chickens are, the farms have to adhere to very strict guidelines & are subject to daily inspections. The battery process has a lesser impact on the environment & will produce consistent high-quality tasty chicken that is essential for the standards we set for our products.

Our choice of Lamb is from the rich pastures of New Zealand, the high quality Grass Fed Lambs give a consistent “sustainable” meat that is available all year round. With some of the best welfare & modern farming techniques available, the results in kitchens across the globe are testament to this. The smaller sized Lambs with their unique taste & smell is very popular in the UK, with nearly 40,000 tonnes imported per year.

We at Sherwood are proud of the products we produce & through our brand we hope to give people better quality & value. Our policy is to keep the sourcing of our meat to local farms close to our BRCGS Approved factories as possible to give a consistent supply for continued quality and flavour.

Our clients have come to expect this, as someone once said “ A brand is a promise “, we look forward to supplying you in the near future.

What is Provenance

Provenance of meat is where is comes from, how is is reared, produced & transported. Producing locally to production is important to the welfare of the animals & keeping emissions lower for a greener environment.