Information on Packaging: Reuse or Recycle

When shopping online for meat you expect your products to arrive in perfect condition as described on our website, this can only happen if 3 things happen;

  • The meat cuts need to be handled carefully when produced & packed
  • They need to be shipped in strong insulated boxes
  • The courier service needs to deliver on time

We only use recyclable premium packaging; this will ensure the products are kept under temperature & don’t get damaged during transit.

We have efficient Slow Thaw Gel Packs that, at -18°c, stay frozen for longer, covering a larger area in the boxes, the packaging is a cost of £7.50-£9.50 per box, it is sturdy, waterproof & keeps your meat under temperature for much longer.

Once your order is packed correctly, it needs to be delivered on time in good condition… every time. We have many different courier services available to us & only use those with a proven track record. The cheapest couriers are not always the best & we pay a little extra using only the best delivery service, as you want your meat order to arrive undamaged, on time & under temperature.

We make sure that all home deliveries are at -18°C & packed correctly when collected by the courier company. We have tested our boxes with deliveries to many different locations (South France, Italy, Germany) taking several days to arrive & some items were 3°C when delivered. We are unable to guarantee all of the items will be frozen upon arrival, but, you can place all your items in the freezer as they are packed at source & are colder than a regular chilled meat delivery.

The £4.95  & £9.95 delivery cost for next day service to your door means you can shop safely in your home on your mobile phone or tablet, whilst lowering emissions for a greener environment.

About the packaging we use

All our products are shipped in recyclable packaging using two suppliers, Icertech & Hydropac. They both make purpose designed boxes for carrying food & medical supplies chilled via the national courier network.

All boxes are corrugated for strength & insulation, we then have a recyclable bubble liner sleeve that fits perfectly inside that is leak proof, & adds an additional layer of insulation to the packaging. Once the box is assembled, we then add frozen gel packs to the bottom, the 20% recycled polystyrene sheets are added between the liner & box, also the top if room.

Your meat is then placed on top of the frozen Gel Packs, additional shredded recyclable cardboard is used to fill the gaps in between the meat, frozen gel packs are placed on top before the self-sealing liner is closed. The box can then be sealed closed with additional tape, labelled & stored in the freezer at -18°c until collected by courier.

Great care is taken to ensure that your purchases are delivered to you in excellent condition, & the cost of the packaging complete can cost us between £7.50 & £9.50 per box. The packaging & delivery of your order is the final link in the chain, it has to be temperature controlled & products protected during handling, so this is not a cheap quick fix with jiffy bags or air pocket solutions.

To ship something in a non-temperature controlled box is a fraction of the cost, so clothing, accessories small items arrive in a bag or simple box,  this is how they can provide free packing & postage. We don’t hide costs at Sherwood, & don’t inflate the prices to compensate for losses on the postage & packaging. We are constantly looking to find a cheaper production solutions to pass on savings to all our clients.

There are other uses for the packaging once your order has been delivered, & we are pleased that all of it is recyclable, please see examples below.

Sherwood Foods Packing
How to Reuse your packaging:
Reusing the Slow Thaw Gel Packs:

Our bespoke “Slow Thaw Gel Packs” are designed to keep larger areas cold & insulated from outside temperatures, this makes them perfect for keeping food cold & frozen. These combined with our boxes & liners make great cold boxes that can be stored flat easily in a cupboard. We have thousands of these produced & they are not cheap so we encourage all our customers to collect them as they can be refrozen & reused by simply placing in the freezer.

Ways to reuse Slow Thaw Gel Packs at home

  • These make great wine bottle coolers
  • Place on a sprain or muscle injury to reduce swelling
  • To keep the water cold in a Beer Ice bath at Barbecues
  • Place in your cold boxes for carrying food

To recycle your Gel Packs, simply cut & flush down the sink with warm water & place the plastic into the recycling bin.

In today’s throw-away society we have some ideas on how to Reuse the packaging from your Online Home Meat Delivery.

Reusing the waterproof Inner Liner:

The box liners are a great insulated way of keeping food cold or hot, not taking much room to store as they fold flat. They reflect heat to keep the chill inside with the air bubble design isolating the air from outside in pockets. How can you use these liners at home?

  • Use inside your shopping bags to keep fresh groceries cold in the car
  • Place hot food inside to stay hot until served. Those that BBQ will appreciate this one, as holding a Brisket or Boston Butt is no small piece.
  • Keep your food & drinks chilled when going on a picnic, down to the beach etc
  • The liners are excellent when opened out flat & placed behind the radiators at home, to reflect heat that is normally lost in the walls.

A fantastic way to save money on your energy bills at home through simple use of our packaging.

Reusing the 20%recycled polystyrene sleeve:

Polystyrene is a great way of affordably insulating a box. It is lightweight & doesn’t take much room whilst protecting the meat cuts inside. As this is not the easiest for councils to recycle, we only use polystyrene that is 20% recycled. These pre-cut 10mm sheets are easy to accumulate & use as insulation in loft spaces, sheds, back of cupboards with outside walls.   It costs money to heat a property & these are free in your delivery boxes. A better way of saving money than spending it.

Reusing the Strong Cardboard Box:

Our strong double skinned cardboard boxes are great for storing items at home. These are a good size at 28-42 litres & will be easily sealed shut for storage in loft or garage areas, protecting the contents. Kids toys like Lego or wooden bricks are fairly heavy & awkward to store, these boxes are strong enough with enough volume to take a large amount. If you have pets like cats & rabbits, they love to play with an empty box!


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