Reuse or Recycle Information on your packaging

When online meat shopping you expect your products to arrive as described on our website. 

How do we ensure that your meat arrives intact & very cold?

The meat cuts need to be handled carefully when produced & packed:

All our meat cuts are produced & packed in production facilities the highest standards, fully BRCGS or IFS approved. All our meat cuts are stored at -18°C at our distribution centre & are carefully placed into our home delivery “Cold  Boxes” before collection by the couriers.

Your online meat order needs to be shipped in strong, heavily insulated boxes:

We spent considerable time sourcing recyclable packaging to create our “Cool Boxes”. Each box has 5 ways to keep your meat colder for longer; The double skinned box to prevent warm air penetrating the inside, the insulated liner designed to trap cold air, the 25% recycled, dense polystyrene sheets & the shredded cardboard used as “Void Fill” to reduce the open space inside your cool box. In addition to these measures we include 3 kilos of “Slow thaw Gel Packs” top & bottom of your cool box.

The courier service needs to deliver on time:

We have changed couriers over time according to their reliability & performance. We are currently using DPD & DHL depending on destination, these cost a little more for their service, now our delivery success rate is better than ever. We only experience a few delays on the hundreds of meat orders delivered each month.

We only use recyclable premium packaging; ensuring the products are kept under temperature & don’t get damaged during transit.

Our packaging costs of £9.50-£11.50 per box provides a sturdy, waterproof box & keeping your meat under temperature for much longer. We make sure that all home deliveries are at -18°C & packed correctly when collected by the couriers.

We have tested our boxes with deliveries to many different locations (South France, Italy, Germany, prior to Brexit) taking several days to arrive & items were 3°C when delivered. We are unable to guarantee all of the items will be frozen upon arrival but, you can place all your items in the freezer as they are packed at source & arrive colder than a regular chilled meat delivery.

You can shop safely from your home using a mobile phone or tablet, help us to lower our “Carbon Footprint” with our Reuse or Recycle” policy for a greener environment.

About the packaging we use

All our products are shipped in recyclable packaging using two suppliers, Icertech & Hydropac. They both make purpose designed boxes for carrying food & medical supplies chilled or frozen, to allow online business deliver via the national courier network.

All boxes are corrugated for strength & insulation, we then have a recyclable bubble liner sleeve that fits perfectly inside that is leak proof, & adds an additional layer of insulation to the packaging. Once the box is assembled, we then add frozen gel packs to the bottom, the 25% recycled polystyrene sheets are added between the liner & box, also the top if room.

Your meat is then placed on top of the frozen Gel Packs, additional shredded recyclable cardboard is used to fill the gaps in between the meat, frozen gel packs are placed on top before the self-sealing liner is closed. The box is then sealed shut with additional strong tape, labelled & stored in the freezer at -18°C until collected by courier.

Great care is taken to ensure that your purchases are delivered to you in excellent condition, & the cost of the packaging complete costs us between £9.50 & £11.50 per box. The packaging & delivery of your order is the final link in the chain, it has to be temperature controlled & products protected during handling, so this is not a cheap quick fix with jiffy bags or air pocket solutions.

To ship something in a non-temperature controlled box is a fraction of the cost, so clothing, accessories small items arrive in a bag or simple box,  this is how they can provide free packing & postage. We don’t hide costs at Sherwood, & don’t inflate the prices to compensate for losses on the postage & packaging. We are constantly looking to find a cheaper production solutions to pass on savings to all our clients.

There are other ways to Reuse or Recycle your packaging once your order has been delivered, & we are pleased that all of it is recyclable, please see examples below.

Steak Strips

How to Reuse or Recycle your packaging:

How to Reuse or Recycle your Cardboard Home Delivery Box:

There are 3 sizes of cool boxes ranging from 28 – 42 litres, all are recyclable & biodegradable. Our strong double skinned cardboard delivery boxes are great for storing items at home or to Reuse as a cool boxes for food.

Ideas on how to Reuse your Cardboard Delivery Boxes:

  • Perfect for storing heavy or awkward fragile items in dry areas; loft, garage, shed, utility room
  • As our boxes are double skinned, they absorb water very well. This is great when you fold the box flat & place into the ground under newly planted trees or shrubs. They release the water slowly keeping the plants above fed, especially as we are experiencing longer dry spells with climate change.
  • If you have a few boxes they can be used to make free shelving for an area in the house that would be expensive to build shelves in. Simply staple them together & place on their side stacked giving you instant (but not permanent) shelves.
  • Empty cardboard boxes are great fun for small pets, cats & rabbits especially. They enjoy playing in them or simply place a soft blanket inside to create a warm safe space for them to sleep.
  • Reuse the cardboard delivery box with the insulated liner & Slow thaw Gel Packs to keep it as a “Cool Box” for the car when away for foodstuffs or your meat. If you are travelling by car for a getaway break, you know your meat or food will be very cold until you can place under refrigeration.
  • Reuse the cardboard delivery box for holding hot smoked meats. Many of you smoke our Barbecue Meats & will need to rest or hold this before serving. Place the insulated liner & the polystyrene sheets inside the box with your meats wrapped, then fold the liner tight over the meats to seal in the heat. This will keep your smoked meats hot for hours. You can use this as many times as you need for a great way to Reuse your box.

How to Recycle your Cardboard Delivery Boxes:

  • Remove all other packaging from inside, peel of the assembly tape, fold flat & place into your appropriate recycling bin for collection.
Reuse or Recycle Information 1

How to Reuse or Recycle your Insulated Waterproof Liner:

The insulated Liners are very efficient at keeping heat in or out & compact when folded flat. The simple design with air pockets in a strong plastic make these very robust also. They are expensive to produce but, worth every penny as there are many ways to Reuse them & easily recycled.

How to Reuse your Insulated Box Liner:

  • Place the liner inside in an ordinary large shopping bag & you now have an easily carried “Cool Bag” for all your chilled or frozen shopping.
  • Your new Cool Bag can be used for storing cold foods when taking a picnic down to the beach, or bringing food & drinks to the party.
  • Place the liner inside your cardboard delivery box & you can hold hot smoked meats for hours before serving to your guests.
  • One of the most efficient ways of Reusing your Insulated Box Liner is to open it out completely flat & slide behind a radiator (on an outside wall). Mark up where the radiator brackets are on the liner, make the cuts above the marks about 14 inches long through the liner, then slide down behind the radiator. This will reflect more heat into the room making your radiator much more efficient, saving you money on your energy bills.
  • The insulated liners are waterproof & protect your meats when being delivered. As the liners offer padding they are perfect to use when kneeling down in the garden. They can be easily washed & reused.
  • those of you that have parked their car in the sunshine know that it gets so hot inside after a short period of time. Open out the liner & place across the inside of your windscreen. This reflects the sun  & keeps your car cooler for longer.

How to Recycle your Insulated Liner:

To Recycle your insulated liner; make sure it is empty, then fold down flat & place in to the plastic section of your home recycling bin for collection.

Reuse or Recycle Information 1

How To Reuse or Recycle the Slow Thaw Gel Packs:

Our bespoke “Slow Thaw Gel Packs” are designed to keep larger areas cold & insulated from outside temperatures, this makes them perfect for keeping food cold & frozen. Combined with our boxes, liners, shredded cardboard & polystyrene sheets, make our cool boxes very efficient.

We have thousands of these produced at great expense, so we encourage all our customers to collect them for future use. These Gel Packs are easily stored flat in a cupboard to reuse them, simply place in your freezer until solid.

Ideas on how to Reuse your Slow Thaw Gel Packs:

  • These make great wine bottle coolers, just wrap around the bottle & enjoy cold drinks.
  • Wrap in a towel & place on a sprain or muscle injury to reduce swelling
  • Use multiple packs in the water bath to keep your drinks cold at Barbecues
  • Place in your cold boxes for carrying food for a picnic, open air concert etc
  • Place a stack of these on a chair in front of an electric fan to cool the air flow between them for especially hot days for small children, pets etc

How to Recycle your Slow Thaw Gel Packs:

  • To recycle your Gel Packs; simply cut carefully through the plastic skin & flush down the sink with warm water as the gel is biodegradable. The plastic skins can then be placed into the recycle bin for collection.
Custom Gel Packs

How to Reuse or Recycle your 25% Recycled Polystyrene Sheets:

Polystyrene is a great way of affordably insulating a box. It is lightweight & doesn’t take much room whilst protecting the meat cuts inside. As this is not the easiest for councils to recycle, we only use polystyrene that is made from 25% recycled materials. These pre-cut 10mm sheets are easy to Reuse or recycle with many uses.

Different ways to Reuse your insulated Polystyrene Sheets:

  • One of the most obvious ways to Reuse your polystyrene sheets is to use it as insulation. These 10 mm thick sheets are easy to slide behind radiators or use against walls of a shed to keep the internal temperature higher if you have a chest freezer in there.
  • The polystyrene sheets we use are fairly dense & not the cheap type that turns your room into a snow globe when touched! This makes them ideal to be Reused as packing material for fragile items that need extra layers round them when being sent in the post or stored. When moving house this can be cut & taped to vulnerable pieces of furniture preventing damage.
  • Many people enjoy having flower boxes on their patios at home, use sections cut to size placed at the bottom with holes punctured through to provide drainage & prevent the soil from escaping out of the bottom.
  • Crafting & modelling are popular hobbies which can be expensive. These sheets are easy to cut, glue & paint, making them fee to use for these hobbies. Children love playing with something that is easy & fun to use, hours of affordable fun.

How to Recycle your Polystyrene Sheets:

Make sure the sheets are clean & place them into the appropriate section of your recycle Bin for collection.

Recycled Polystyrene Sheets
How to Reuse or Recycle the Shredded Cardboard:

Reusing our cardboard meat boxes is one of the greenest ways to reduce our Carbon Footprint. We reuse them for wholesale orders & we shred them to use in home delivery orders as Void Fill to keep the cold in the meat cuts.

Ways to Reuse your Shredded Cardboard:

Most people have to buy packing materials when sending out parcels, just Reuse the shredded cardboard in your home delivery box, it’s free & very strong.

Smaller pets use paper for their bedding which can be costly, just use the clean shredded cardboard from your order as replacement.

Cardboard is a poor conductor of heat & makes great insulation. This can be used (dry areas only) to prevent draughts in roof spaces, cavity walls etc

How to Recycle your Shredded Cardboard:

Shredded Cardboard Packaging

If you have any questions about our Reuse or Recycle information, contact us:

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