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Welcome to the Sherwood Foods Newsletter subscribe page, where we will keep you up to date on what is happening at Sherwood. We love to connect through our social media with our online family & share all your delicious meals with others, the newsletter is a great way of us to stay connected with you!

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  • The purpose of the Sherwood Foods Newsletter is to keep our online family up to date with any relevant changes that are happening with all aspects of the products & services we provide. Our newsletters are created as a short email that you will receive once per week or sometimes twice if there is an offer on. Being part of our online family we appreciate your loyalty & we promise not to fill your inbox with junk mail like, so many others.

Many websites will want you to subscribe to a news letter, mainly to sell you more products, & will fill your email inbox in the process!

  • Our online family subscribers enjoy looking at different recipes that are easy to make from one of our meat products, we only will share those that are delicious! Having a simple link to an online recipe gives you easy access to both the recipe & the meat in the dish, making it worth while to subscribe.
  • With new recipes being available on a regular basis, it would be great to stay informed of any new products before anyone else, a little bit like being invited to preview night at the movies.  We will let you know in advance of launch dates or deliveries coming when sold out.
  • When different special calendar dates like Valentines Day, or festive periods are on the horizon, such as Easter or Christmas, we will send out useful ideas or offers to existing customers to benefit form shopping online with Sherwood Foods. Christmas was a resounding success in 2020 & many people enjoyed delicious meals at home with our meats, they also enjoyed having a little extra cash in their pockets through our savings.
  • At Sherwood Foods we are very aware of trying to make our company “Greener” we do this in many ways through, shipping in larger quantities, streamlining production, changing packaging etc. We will keep everyone informed of our improvements, but we do welcome any suggestions that may be a benefit to the environment or to all our customers.
  • As we are still a wholesale meat supplier to different businesses across the UK & Europe, we are able to make larger numbers too be able to pass on generous online offers from time to time. Subscribing to the Sherwood Foods Newsletter will give you the privilege of receiving offers that others won’t be able to enjoy. This could be a simple extra pack of sausages to discounted beef joints, it is just our way of saying thank you.