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Excellent value & delicious cuts of meat

The team at Sherwood have been studying current meat products sold online, & can see the growing demand for consistent quality & value, but trust in a brand is foremost in the mind of the consumer. As a consumer, you would want your home delivery meat order to be under one label with one standard that comes from only a few select reputable, sustainable sources, which have good practices for the rearing of animals, processing & packaging.

Having seen on social media what inspires people to create some of the best food from around the world, from home cooking to Michelin star chefs, we decided to offer our increasing range of delicious hand-made meat cuts to the public online. The Sherwood products that are cut & packed within minutes for freshness are created so that some that are simply ready to use on the grill or oven, also those that let you choose how you finish & prepare them. They are consistent in quality, offer excellent value for money, in convenient sized portions in recyclable packaging so our customers are helping with the environment. We have fulfilled your need to order your weekly meat shop online with confidence.

All our select meat cuts are frozen when packed to preserve the taste & natural juices to enable them to arrive at your door in perfect condition. The frozen products combined with the gel packs at -18 deg will keep the internal temperature of the boxes colder for longer, that is essential with food & delivering to further destinations that require more time.

We allow a few of the most modern, advanced, clean factories in Ireland & Europe to produce to our specification, a range of select cuts for our Sherwood Label. We have regular inspections at the factories, to check on animal welfare, cleanliness, specifications, quality of the carcasses, packaging, temperature control & accreditation to BRC standards. There are many benefits of using a limited number of select factories for our production, such as they only use trusted quality farms to provide the correct animals, the same key workers understanding & making our products weekly, an established production chain. The most important reason is that our products remain a high standard for consistent quality to continue our passion for better food.

Sherwood is here to give you the confidence to shop regularly online for your meat cuts so that you have peace of mind when your delivery arrives at your door. The Sherwood Brand offers you a great choice of excellent value & delicious cuts that will inspire you to create new recipes that will guarantee to bring a smile to you & your families faces.

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