Wholesale Meat Delivery area for Europe:

Wholesale Meat, local delivery:

We have products produced locally in France, Belgium & Holland with stocks of our Irish Grass-Fed beef shipped across to our factory in France. We work closely with our  chilled couriers partner to be able to offer a next day service in Belgium, Netherlands & areas in Germany that are fairly close to the boarder.

When you are looking for “wholesale meat delivery near me”, Sherwood Foods can offer a solution for smaller orders with mixed products. This meat delivery service is a fast convenient way of purchasing your goods without having to buy pallets of meat for those customers with limited storage. Each delivery cost is calculated on how much you order, so if you have 20-25 cases delivered, your cost per kilo will be very low, small orders 5-10 cases will be higher as the distance remains the same.

Shop smart & this service is a great benefit to a smaller business.

Wholesale Meat, European Delivery:

For destinations across the whole of Europe, we use the chilled & frozen network of accredited hauliers. All deliveries made using this network are delivered on pallets & is the next level up from local deliveries with smaller amounts on small to medium vans. This is more suited to those wholesale customers that are looking to buy in bulk to save money, or they are further away & the groupage delivery service is the only option open to them.

These wholesale meat deliveries via the chilled network are normally collect day one for delivery day 3. This would cover most European destinations, some that are more remote may take an extra day, but as the network is temperature controlled & our products are only produced in BRC approved factories, this doesn’t present any problem to the customer.

As with anything, the more pallets you ship, the cheaper your delivery costs will be, as you can save 300% on a full truck compared to 1 pallet.

Wholesale Meat, International Delivery:

When looking for an “International Wholesale Meat Delivery”, there are more options open to you! We use land, sea & air so we can get to the furthest corners of the globe. This is usually in much larger volumes as this helps to keep costs down & make the product more economically viable.

Shipping meat by air is the fastest but most costly option: ideal for those products with a shorter shelf life that must arrive to be sold fresh or for those hard to reach places that are only accessible by air.

Shipping wholesale meat by land is the most common option when going beyond  Europe, this is normally made by road using the chilled network & when shipping large quantities in containers will by made on freight trains for long distances into places like Russia, Mongolia etc

Shipping meat wholesale in containers is the most efficient way of transporting fresh or frozen meat across the globe. In the standard sized containers, they are easily loaded at production & then sealed by veterinary health inspectors, this guarantees that the product is in perfect condition, untampered with upon arrival at the customer. Due to the volumes involved & the large distances, the benefits to the customer for price, quality & security is best using containers.

European Delivery Area Map

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