About the packaging we use

All our products are shipped using two suppliers for the recyclable packaging, Icertech & Hydropac. They both make purpose designed boxes for carrying food & medical supplies chilled via the courier network.

All boxes are corrugated for strength & insulation, we then have a silver bubble liner sleeve that fits perfectly inside that is leak proof, & adds an additional layer of insulation to the packaging. Once the box is assembled, we then add frozen gel packs to the bottom, the meat is then placed on top then additional frozen gel packs are placed on top before the self-sealing liner is closed. The box can then be sealed closed with additional tape, labelled & stored in the freezer at -18 deg until collected by courier.

Great care is taken to ensure that your purchases are delivered to you in excellent condition, & the cost of the packaging complete can cost us between £4.80 & £6.50 per box. The packaging & delivery of your order is the final link in the chain, it has to be temperature controlled & products protected during handling, so this is not a cheap quick fix with jiffy bags or air pocket solutions. To ship something in a non-temperature controlled box is a fraction of the cost, so clothing, accessories small items are very cheap so they can offer free packing & postage. We don’t have hidden costs at Sherwood, & don’t inflate the prices to compensate for losses on the postage & packaging, so we are constantly looking to find a cheaper solution so we can offer bigger savings to our online clients. There are other uses for the packaging once your order has been delivered, & we are pleased that all of it is recyclable, please see examples below.

Sherwood Foods Packing
We love to recycle

There are other uses for the packaging once your order has been delivered, & we are pleased that all of it is recyclable, please see examples below.

Reusing the outer cardboard box

A well-known recyclable item, these boxes are also great for moving house, decorating for a child’s toy box or any other short-term storage you can think of.

When they’re done, add them to the recycling bin so they can disappear and be remade into something else!

Sherwood Foods Packing
Reusing the easi-chill gel packs

You can recycle the plastic from these packs, but the gel does have to go into the bin once it’s done its job. Don’t try to pour the gel down the sink, as it could block your drains.

Before you think about disposing of it, there are lots of things you can do to reuse gel packs.

Sherwood Foods Packing
1. Ice baths

If you’re in to sports or exercise of any kind, an ice bath can be a great idea if you’ve been pushing yourself quite hard. Drop the frozen ice packs into cold water as a whole pack, without removing the plastic.

Sherwood Foods Packing
2. Ice packs

If you’ve really overdone it, use one of our packs to ease tight muscles and swelling. Make sure you wrap the pack in a clean towel or similar material so it doesn’t burn your skin.

Sherwood Foods Packing
3. Cooling your shopping / picnic

If you’ve run out of our cooling bags, use the ice packs or sheets in ordinary plastic bags and place them amongst your shipping / picnic to keep it all cool.

Sherwood Foods Packing
4. Gardening

If you prefer taking it easy in the garden, rather than rushing around doing all that exercise, open the plastic pack and mix the gel contents in with the soil around your plants. It’s a very efficient water retainer to keep plants thriving if they’ve been without rain for a while, and the gel will absorb both water and nutrients in the soil or your compost, so the plants can take them up as needed.

Sherwood Foods Packing

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