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If you want exceptional Grass Fed Beef that's aged and prepared to the very highest standards, you’re in the right place.

Sherwood’s Grass Fed Beef grazed exclusively on the lush green pastures of Ireland where the best native breeds are expertly farmed with care and commitment to the highest standards of animal and environmental welfare. With herds naturally foraging on grass, our beef consistently delivers exceptional tenderness and mouth-watering flavour.

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Smokey Texas Hot Links Sausages With A Little Extra Kick, Enjoy These On Your Barbecue 2 x 150g 🔥🐷 🐂

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Wicked Texas Hot Links Sausage, Just Like The American Barbecue Restaurants 4 x 150 g 🐂 🐷

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Finest Salt Beef Brisket, 1.8 – 3.5 Kg Of Delicious Beef To Make Amazing Salt Beef Bagels


Delicious Beef Rib Fingers 750 g, Juicy & Tender Strips From Our Jacobs Ladders 🐂

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Amazing Korean Beef Ribs Sliced & Ready To Grill, Cut From Our Finest Grass-Fed Beef 800 -900 g 🐂

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Chef’s Beef T Bone Steak 16 or 32 Oz, Delicious Value Grass Fed Steaks 🐂


Finest Beef Mince Fine Ground From Quality Chuck Steak 500-850 g 🐂


Quarter Pound Beef Brisket Burgers From Our Finest Irish Grass Fed Beef 2 x 113 g🐂

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7oz Juicy Beef Brisket Burger For That Real Irish Grass Fed Beefy Taste, 2 x 200 g 🐂

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Delicious Diced Beef Lean Steak Pieces, 500 g, Perfect For Luxury Home Cooked Pies & Stews 🐂

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Tender Beef Steak Strips 500-grams, Perfect For All Delicious Stir-Fry, Pies, Stroganoff Recipes 🐂

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Pork & Beef Boerewors Sausage 450 g, A Delicious South African Style Sausage 🐂

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Want To Make Brisket Burnt Ends? This 2 Kg Brisket Point Is Perfect For Delicious Candy Cubes 🐂

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Beef Packer Brisket, Barbecue Ready For Smoking Low and Slow 5-9kg 🐂